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Always better than freelance translators or "one-person shows"

Our office was founded in order to reliably provide high-quality translations. It was chronic problems experienced by businesses and individuals which led to creation of our office.

We are not one of those translation services which operates out of someone's residence with one person doing everything, nor are we simply brokering jobs to freelancers by internet and taking a cut.

We lease commercial office space, operate during standard working hours, and pay salaries to professional translators, not just people who want or need to make some extra money at the moment. Our translators are qualified and experienced, know each other well and work together efficiently. We combine our abilities and constantly improve each other.

You do not save money by cutting corners and using someone cheap. Poor-quality but lower-cost translation can cost you more in having to pay someone else to make the necessary revisions and corrections, or lose you money in lost sales, due to creating a bad first impression with your clients and failing to conclude the sale.

Put simply, you actually get better value for money from a professional translation office.

Reasons why a translation agency is better value than a freelance translator alone:

  1. The remote freelancer does not benefit from being in the same office as native English speakers and other translators, and therefore cannot ask questions about the meaning of unusual phrases and words, nor benefit from discussions between other translators. Nobody knows it all.

  2. The remote freelancer usually does not have the large library of dictionaries which we have in our office - multiple English-Thai and Thai-English dictionaries, some specialised for particular sectors such as law, travel and engineering, as well as the large only-English and only-Thai dictionaries which more fully cover each language, word origins, alternative definitions and usage.

  3. The CVs and samples that freelance translators may provide usually far exceed the quality of their next job. It is better to go with a company which is a properly established, resourced and staffed commercial operation with a track record and which will always "be there".

  4. The freelance translator's spoken or written "social" English is sometimes much better than their ability to handle formal correspondence, unusual phrases and technical words encountered in more demanding and complex materials. (This can be the difference between a Thai who has just lived overseas in a native English speaking country, compared to a Thai with a university degree in English or translation and who loves to read English literature.)

  5. The freelance translator may have distractions or other priorities at home, and you cannot rely on anyone to supervise the freelance translator, nor manage their workload.

  6. After freelance translators have submitted their work, you may often have problems reaching them to do revisions, causing serious delays and/or requiring someone else to become familiar with the job, too, in order to finish it properly.

  7. Further delays can occur due to alleged or actual problems with their computer or internet connection, or their inability to handle faxes, scanned images or other files successfully. Our office has the technical resources and requisite skills to operate smoothly and reliably.

  8. A freelance translator does not have a long-term interest in the success of a particular translation business, and that often becomes apparent in the quality of their work, as some freelancers do a minimal job and don't work on improving their processes.

The translators in our office know each other well, and work together in harmony. We are not strangers to each other, and we don't let each other down. Instead, we deal with each other face to face, carry our fair share, and take pride in our work. The degree of our success depends upon working together to develop ourselves to our maximum potential and maintain a successful business operation.

Our clients know where to go for good Thai and English translations!

  • Just one phone number: 02-255-0622 (or +66-2-255-0622 if outside Thailand)
  • Just one fax number: 02-656-8824 (or +66-2-656-8824 if outside Thailand)
  • Just one e-mail address:

Freelance translators cannot match the quality control of a translation bureau

Every translation job requires at least two translators - one to perform the translation, one to perform proofreading. This is our routine, standard operating procedure, a degree of crosschecking and quality assurance that a "one-person show" freelance translator cannot offer you.

Indeed, it is common for translators to ask for comments, opinions or advice from many other translators during the course of a translation. A typical translation can often involve three or more translators consistently or even the whole office periodically during the entire process of the task.

It is unacceptable for one person only to submit a translation without independent proofreading or only proofreading themselves. No one is perfect and mistakes will happen, so at least one other party must carefully doublecheck. Even "basic" love letters always benefit from at least two different translators translating and proofreading/editing.

We understand the importance of working together, both among ourselves and with clients, in order to achieve maximum success.

The quality produced by a professional translation office significantly exceeds that of an internet broker or freelancer in most cases, except for the most specialised technical applications (in which we, too, must sometimes work with an outsider).

You should consider the value of your translation to the maximum well-being of your business when you consider how to get it translated. If it's worth getting translated, then it's worth finding a good translation company.

Please feel free to send an e-mail to (easy to remember!) or alternatively, use our contact page.

Please note: we do not provide free translation online, e.g., "Hi! What's Thai for 'I love you'?" Such requests will simply be ignored. Serious translation inquiries only.

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